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It's a Web Page, Not a Hollywood Extravaganza!

The primary objective of a web page is to provide information to visitors and in a commercial context, to generate sales. People willing & competent to spend money online are looking for product documentation, not Hollywood style special effects. Such extravagant features are often bandwidth intensive, distracting and have two more important reasons for putting paying customers off spending their money with you:

  1. Hollywood are famous for fiction and spectacular incredibility and not for credibility. Hollywood style special effects lend product descriptions a tendency to seem incredible or be associated with fiction rather than fact.
  2. Hollywood style special effects require the majority of your visitors who do not know you to trust you with direct access to their computer, because such features rely on potentially harmful client-side technologies such as VBScript, JavaScript, Flash, ActiveX, and .NET just to name a few.

Just in case that second point is not clear enough, would you run a program from an unknown source such as an anonymous email, on your web server or business computer without quarantining it until your next anti-virus update and without even scanning it with your anti-virus application? Then why should any of your visitors be expected to trust you to run un-scanned executable code like JavaScript on their computer? This is why those of us competent to shop online turn our scripts off and treat every site of unknown origin with the same caution we would treat a site from an untrustworthy source.

The bottom line is, that any features you add to your web page that are developed using "Active", "Dynamic", or "Client-Side" scripting such as VBScript, JavaScript, Flash, ActiveX, and .NET will not be visible to your paying customers. After thieves stole 80 billion dollars from thousands of bank accounts in a one month world wide sting that depended on such technologies, most people are no longer so gullible.

If you want to be taken seriously, then take the security of others seriously and respect the boundary between your web sever and their computers.